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At Checkbox Telecom understanding that operating in the call center / Marketing industry can be competitive because of the unique requirements associated with uptime, reliability, call technology like predictive dialers, voice broadcast, we offer great dialer / Call Center VoIP routes to many countries. High CPS demand, low ASR or low ASR can be discussed.. For more information on plans and rates please contact us.

Call Center VoIP

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology is longer to stay. Keeping in mind the effectiveness and potential of this technology in bringing quality and cost effective communication in both big and small scale businesses, Checkbox Telecom is offering premium call center VoIP services to meet varied communication needs of its clients. Generally, it happen that major service providers dealing in wholesale VoIP refuse to provide Call Center VoIP traffic and Dialer termination because of low ACD and ASR calls which comes in a large port consumption and carries much less profit for the carrier. However, at Checkbox Telecom, we offer complete solution to people dealing in large call center, political polling, notifications or press 1 campaigns and much more.

Our specially designed call center VoIP solutions are there to revolutionize the way call centers are managed till date. At checkbox Telecom, we understand the process of operating call centers effectively along with the competitive marketing industry and thus we offer updated, highly reliable call technology including predictive dialers and voice broadcast in our quality dialer andCall Center VoIP routes. The effect of VoIP services can result into phenomenal benefits when your business is dedicatedly dealing into calling services. We are dedicated to make your call center business flourish with maximum heights and profits with clear and cost saving communication services.    

With our premium call center VoIP services, our clients can provide a new edge to their customers in calling services with maximum clarity, effectiveness and reasonable prices. Multiple communications without installing multiple phone lines make VoIP technology more convenient option to let your call center business grow and enhance customer base and profits with quality and cost-effective communication services. With our integrated and technologically advanced VoIP solutions, Checkbox Telecom provides immediate and high quality solutions to our clients to meet all their calling needs in many countries.

Our call center VoIP services are complemented with features like click to call capability, integrated conferencing, auto-attendant capability, call routing, web based voice mail and much more to let you provide your ultimate customers the superior calling services leading to effective business communication and client servicing. Checkbox Telecom also provides additional features to let their customers make more profit with extended quality of VoIP services. We support Predictive Dialer, provide High CPS Support with fulltime technical support from expert technicians in case you encounter any technical default in the communication services. Ideal for call centers and telemarketing purpose, our call center VoIP solutions are great to let you enjoy maximum business profits with high quality of calling services at highly affordable prices. Besides, negotiations can be discussed on high CPS demand, low ACD and ASR as well.

  • Support Predictive Dialer.
  • High CPS support.
  • Great for Call Centers.
  • Great for Telemarketing.
  • Fulltime Technical Support.



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